Read pages 65-71 of The Color of Homelessness, “Overrepresentation of Persons of Color Within the Criminal Justice System,” (see April 6 readings).

Look at Bruce Western's comparative data on incarceration differences by age, race and education. Western persuasively argues that high incarceration rates that disproportionately affect people of color lead to reduced employment and earning potential and deepen the racialization of poverty. Read the American Prospect interview, where Western says appeals to "law and order" are basically code for "lock up the black people," and where this had led us.

Finally, check out this website on the growth of the Prison Industry, and who's going to jail for what. Note that the growth of incarceration resembles the growth of the shelter industry, particularly over the 80s. The following research by Martha Burt features a chart on the last page that documents the tripling and quadrupling of sheltering in American cities during that time.

May 8 Class Discussion: Guest speaker: Stephanie Knight. Poverty, race, incarceration, and homelessness. Understanding the links.