Read the short article about Nan Roman's approach to homelessness from Social Work Today for brief summary of the Ten Year Plan philosophy and approach. Then read the Martha Burt assessment of the chronic homeless approach. Be prepared to describe the logic behind this approach to homelessness, and be able to name the various barriers identified by Burt.

Short article on homelessness, addiction, and disgust. How is this problematic in terms of a focus on chronic homelessness?

Stanford Social Innovation Review — Your Brain on Drug Addicts

King County's Ten Year Plan. Read through page 12, and then pages 33-34 of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

April 10 Class Discussion: The Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, considered in context. What does it do? Can it succeed? What are the contradictions, blind spots, and limitations to the approach? Who are the institutions?